9 Creative Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website

There is no denying that backlinks are (still) the most important ranking signal in Google’s algorithm as it was made official by Google. Often times the link profile is what separates the 3rd search result from the 3rd-page results.

But link building can be challenging at times especially for industries that do not allow you to get coverage easily.

Those are the times when you have to get creative…

Here you can find 9 creative ways you can generate valuable backlinks for your site.


#1 – Create a Meetup Group and Event on Meetup.com (DA:91)

If you are planning to host an event, you can use Meetup.com to promote your event and get a very valuable backlink during the process.

It is as simple as signing up to Meetup.com, creating a meetup and writing a short introduction about your event. Somewhere within the introduction, include your link and make it look natural, not spammy.



You don’t have to host a physical event to utilize this tactic. Even if you are planning to host a webinar, you can still create a meetup for that webinar and get a quality backlink.

#2 – Re-publish Your Blog Post on IM FacePlate – (DA:54)

IM FacePlate is like Medium, but with a do-follow backlink. You can sign up and re-publish your original posts on IM FacePlate. The posts are usually indexed in a couple of hours and give you a contextual backlink.

It has a lower DA score but I consider links from IM FacePlate valuable links because they are branded, contextual and of course, do-follow.


#3 – Create a List on list.ly (DA:66)

Listly allows you to create lists in any topic you want and place your links inside those lists.

To create a list, sign up, confirm your account and create a listicle. The list you created then must be approved by the editors, so it must be a real, valuable listicle. Once it is approved, you have a contextual, do-follow backlink from a high DA site.

The lists on Listly tend to get viral and you can actually get website visitors as well but it is not always the case.


#4 – publish  a PDF on ISSUU (DA:94)

ISSUU is a great way to get a do-follow backlink to your site. Google index PDF files that are uploaded to ISSUU and pass the link juice.

First, head over to ISSUU and sign up.

Then, create a PDF on your computer that contains your link and upload it to ISSUU. Do not get spammy and do not add more than 2 links.

If you want extra benefits you can create a really valuable and unique PDF file so that you can attract real visitors to your website as well.


#5 – Submit your URL to Startup sites

If you are a startup or a small business you can submit your business to startup-related sites that accept submission. Not only that you will get a backlink but also you will get some visits from the startup community and possible coverage and traction as well.

The biggest sites that you can submit your startup are Angel (no-follow) and Crunchbase. You can find more than 100 websites to submit your startup here.


#6 – Create an Android version of your website and upload to Google Play Store (DA:82)

You can hire an Android developer to create an Android version of your website or a simple Android app. Once you have to the app you can publish it to Google Play Store by adding your website link to the “Developer” section. If it is approved by Google, you will have a very quality, do-follow backlink from Google Play Store.


#7 – Hire an Intern 

If you are planning to hire an intern this summer, you can turn that intention to a few .edu backlinks easily.

For example, if you run a graphic design agency, you can search the internship pages of relevant school with a search term like site:.edu ”find an internship” ‘“graphic design” and contact the career centers to publish your internship opportunity.

You can also contact the career center’s of the universities in your area and ask them the publish the internship opportunity on their website.


#8 – Submit your site to AwwwArds – https://www.awwwards.com/submit/ (DA:75)    

If you have a design-related product/service or if your website is beautifully designed, you can submit it to AwwwArds. Your website will be reviewed and voted on by AwwwArds jury and appear on “Site of the Day” section with a backlink to your website.

It is not free though, it cost 50 Euros to submit one site. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the investment or not.


#9 – Create an Online Portfolio on Carbonmade (DA:81)

You can score a very valuable do-follow link by creating a portfolio on Carbonmade.

Create a new account by visiting  https://carbonmade.com/signup and create a new online portfolio on Carbonmade and add your links.


Over to you…

What do you think about these link building methods? Do you have any other creative link building methods that you would like to share?

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